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Rima Jotabé

Certamen Poético Internacional Rima Jotabé


Certamen Poético Internacional, Rima Jotabé

Rima Jotabé

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  VI International Poetic Competition Rhyme Jotabe

Participate in English language

The poet, writer, playwright, Professor, academic and Grand Master Major, the Hon. Mr. Mosen Juan Benito Rodriguez Manzanares, convenes the

VI International Poetic Competition Rhyme Jotabe.

Bases en pdf  Cover Letter of the poet Juan Benito

In this edition of the contest, the only sponsor is the Family Rodríguez-Rodenas, a Valencian family very involved in the world of culture in its broadest sense.

The event is intended to give to the world, to spread and to expand in all the community poetry, rhyme Jotabe, created by the poet, Juan Benito, and shall be governed by the following Rules.

Bases en pdf  Download the Rules of the contest

Poets who so wish, can read and download the Formal documentation of composition of estroficos poems Rhyme Jotabe, from the link below.

Bases en pdf  Download the Formal Documentation


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